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Cryptocurrency Field Seizure Kits


Standard, Pro, & Forensic Versions

$6,400 - $10,000+

  • Rugged Nanuk hard cases house a wide array of technology to allow you to seize over 1,300 different coins and tokens and be prepared for most any situation you encounter in the field.

  • This is a turnkey solution for Law Enforcement and Government agencies. Fully portable and self-sufficient, each field kit - regardless of version - contains a mix of devices and operating systems plus multiple hardware wallets, internet access, and cryptocurrency funds for testing and validation. 

  • The Standard, Pro, and Forensic Kits are a comprehensive and proven system designed over several years to test, seize, store, and subsequently dispose of cryptocurrency using best available  practices.  

  • A one-week training class is required with kit purchase in order to ensure users are versed in the equipment and practices. Training sold separately.

  • L/E & Government Product Portal coming soon.  Standard Kit available Feb-Mar 2020 w/ training.

L/E Portal Coming Soon

Standard Kit:  Feb/Mar 2020  
Pro/Forensic:  Early/Mid 2020

  • Standard Kit - Recommended for new users or budget conscious departments. This kit is suitable for most users and is not a compromise.

  • Pro Kit - Comprised of Standard Kit + various upgrades, and additional componentry & tools; more in-depth instruction regarding BIP standards and derivation paths.

  • Forensic Kit - Advanced users.  Comprised of Pro Kit + significant componentry upgrades.  Python instruction for Seed Recovery, Password Cracking, and public and private key discovery.



Cryptosolutions was started in San Antonio, Texas - home to a one of the largest cybersecurity and space research communities in the United States, and just 70 miles south of tech-hub Austin, Texas - to serve the Government & Law Enforcement sector with cryptocurrency products and services. 

We know the issues facing Government and Law Enforcement in this arena because we were there from the beginning.  Cryptocurrency seizures by U.S. Government agencies began in 2013 with only a trickle; now they occur on a regular basis but with an immeasurable amount of greater complexity.  Today, with thousands of available coin and token options, as well as increased public adoption and investor activity, any investigation can involve cryptocurrency assets.    

Our team delivers a mix of experience from the cryptocurrency industry and the U.S. Government in the specialized areas of cryptocurrency seizures, tracing, policy formulation, storage, management, disposition, forensics, and training. 

The founder of cryptosolutions, Timothy Clarke, has over 27 years of investigative experience with one of the larger agencies within the U.S. government, the last ten years of which were spent in digital forensics.  As cryptocurrency emerged, he conducted one of the first cryptocurrency seizures by the U.S. Government, then shifted his focus towards applying forensic techniques and principles to their seizure, security, and management.  Over the years, we also formulated agency crypto-currency policy, conducted dozens of successful seizures, developed and implemented a seizure system to intake over 1,300 coins and tokens, forensically discovered and seized millions in deleted BTC funds, represented the agency on a "Five Eyes" country-equivalent Experts Working Group, consulted another country's representatives on different seizure systems and policies, and developed and taught a multi-day cryptocurrency seizure and forensic tools course to forensic examiners from the U.S. Secret Service, Homeland Security, and the Internal Revenue Service.  

Governments and Law Enforcement agencies face a complex and technical cryptocurrency landscape.  Cryptosolutions has products and services to cover all aspects of the seizure life-cycle.  Large or small, let us help create a solution that works for your unique situation and requirements.